Founded in 2006, the company POLYFORCE has developed a strong expertise in industrial mechanics and electricity, automation as well as maintenance of industrial equipments.

From its beginning, having a dynamic team that offers to its customers a service of exceptional quality, POLYFORCE has proven itself to international companies, particularly in the field of aeronautics.

Since its creation, POLYFORCE has developed great technical skills in all aspects of consulting engineering and an excellent analytical capability, which helped to position itself as an industry leader.

The name and logo of the company were not chosen at random.

  • POLY corresponds to the versatility of our engineering knowledge. 
  • FORCE represents the efficiency and dynamism of the company.

polyThe triangles required to form the logo, a complex POLYGON symbolize the synergy in the relationship the company has with each of its customers and partners to complete major projects.

Thus, with POLYFORCE, communication is a key factor in the success of each project. The client is first heard then he is offered the best solutions to meet his needs. In other words, the customer occupies a unique place in the development of all solutions in consulting engineering!